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Welcome to our CBDistillery Pet Tincture review!

As top-tier brands go, CBDistillery has a fairly modest product offering in the area of pet products, but all of their tinctures and bites have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Speaking of, when reviewing pet products, we award brands for applying the same level of care and attention to the formulation as they do for their for-human products (not simply dumping in CBD isolate, for example). 

As expected, CBDistillery did not disappoint on this front—more on that in the review portion below.

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CBDistillery Pet Tincture (150mg)


150mg/30mL (5mg/serving)


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Hemp Seed Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

CBDistillery Pet Tincture Review: Table of Contents

  1. Concentration
  2. Value
  3. Packaging
  4. Ingredients
  5. Flavor
  6. Effectiveness
  7. Pros & Cons
  8. Conclusion


This tincture comes in two concentrations: 150mg/30mL (5mg/serving) and 600mg/30mL (20mg/serving).

We sampled the smaller of the two; here is the cannabinoid breakdown according to the certificate of analysis for our product (expressed in total amounts per 150mg bottle): 

  • CBD: 167.59mg
  • CBC: 8.04mg
  • Delta-9 THC: 8.55mg

The CBD is over-delivered, supporting (non-CBD) cannabinoid content is around ten percent when THC is factored in, and the THC is well within the legal limit.

All of these attributes point to a high-quality tincture.


The smaller tincture we sampled (150mg) retails for $20, which reduces to about $0.13/mg, while the larger bottle (600mg) retails for $38 ($0.06/mg).

The “bulk” discount is particularly striking here, and customers don’t have to go above 1000mg to take advantage of it, so we highly recommend the more competitively priced 600mg bottle.

The 150mg bottle isn’t necessarily pricing itself out of contention, especially for a top-tier brand, but it’s not approaching any record lows either. 


Between the tincture bottle and the box that it came in, we found basic product facts, warnings, the US Hemp Authority seal, a well-made graphic to help with dosage, and a QR code for scanning lab reports.

The dropper lid worked properly throughout our use of the product, and everything we needed to learn was featured—a top score for packaging quality. 


As mentioned, this seemingly simple factor is where reviews are won and lost when it comes to pet CBD products.

All we want to see in the department of the extract itself is a standard, unadulterated, full-spectrum extract—the same used for the for-human products.

Sure enough, there are no alterations or asterisks in this case; here’s the ingredient list:

Hemp Seed Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract.

It doesn’t get much simpler; full points for ingredient quality. 


Our canine testers quickly took to this tincture after only one or two investigatory sniffs.

Even though there is no flavoring (in our experience, peanut butter always wins), we didn’t even have to blend the product in with food.

We can’t guarantee this for all dogs, as some are certainly pickier than others, but our testers are fairly discerning.

Overall, the flavor passed the test.


One of our canine testers has had surgery on his back (laminectomy), which is very common for dachshunds.

Though the procedure went well, he usually develops a slight “hitch” in his gait towards the end of the day, favoring his right hind leg, which makes him the perfect litmus test for a tincture.

Sure enough, we didn’t notice any limping when giving him this tincture in the mid-late afternoon, and the old dog’s general crotchetiness toward humankind (i.e., mailmen and houseguests) was significantly diminished. 

Our testers also exhibited fewer signs of stress, like whimpering, chewing, and clawing upon being separated from owners.

Finally, we appreciate that this product had a non-sedating effect, allowing for more play without throwing off the all-important nap schedule. 

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros: 

  • Well-tolerated
  • Effective and non-sedating
  • Clean, minimalistic ingredient list

And now the cons:

  • Above $0.12/mg at lower concentration
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CBDistillery Pet Tincture (600mg)


600mg/30mL (20mg/serving)


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Hemp Seed Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract


Overall, this product did everything we hoped it would do, and our testers were more than happy to engage in second and third rounds of samples.

The ingredient list is a model for high-quality pet tinctures in the CBD space, the price is competitive at the larger concentration, and at 2-3 doses a day, this product seemed to help with discomfort, stress, and energy.

We recommend this CBDistillery CBD Pet tincture for anyone looking to bring some much-deserved relief to their beloved pet.