CBDistillery Launches New Product Line

Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • CBDistillery launches a new line of synergistic products.
  • A new study reveals that many Delta-8 THC products have illegal amounts of THC.
  • Bluebird Botanicals receives a prestigious award.

Table of Contents

  1. CBDistillery Launches New Product Line
  2. Study: Many Delta-8 THC Products Overshoot Legal Delta-9 Limit
  3. Bluebird Botanicals Wins Best Plant-Based CBD Brand Award

CBDistillery Launches New Product Line

This week, CBD industry leader CBDistillery unveiled a new product line containing seven unique products and an additional two advertised as coming soon (Functional Synergy Unwind Mushroom Capsules and Calm Synergy Kava Root Capsules).

The new CBD gummies, tinctures, and drink mix packets featured in the “synergy collection” stand out in their high ratio of non-CBD cannabinoids to CBD and addition of functional ingredients like elderberry, kava root, and more.

Not counting the bundles and varied concentrations, here is a quick look at all of the unique products in this line:

The drink mix packets give the broad-spectrum crowd an opportunity to sample this collection; everything else is full spectrum.

CBDistillery customers waiting for the yet unreleased capsules from this collection can sign up on the brand’s website to receive notifications when they’re available. 

The ever-contentious delta-8 THC, a close molecular cousin of the intoxicating cannabis-based compound delta-9 THC, has been incriminated by yet another study.

Some cannabis and hemp brands have been advertising delta-8 THC products as a “legal” means for getting high while reaping the benefits of delta-9 THC, but the CBD Oracle study points to disturbingly high amounts of delta-9 THC in these products.

Of the 51 delta-8 THC products analyzed by the study, 76% contained more than the federally allowed amount (0.3% by dry weight) of delta-9 THC.

Other major issues highlighted by the investigation include inconsistent age verification, falsified lab reports, under-delivered delta-8 THC, and more.

It also doesn’t help from a legal standpoint that delta-8 is synthetically derived from CBD (its natural occurrence falls below marketable levels), which is one of several reasons legislators are frantically looking for more concrete restrictions.

Bluebird Botanicals Wins Best Plant-Based CBD Brand Award

This week, B-Certified CBD Brand Bluebird Botanicals was awarded the “Best Plant-Based CBD Products Brand Award” from Global Vegan Awards, an annual show hosted by LUXlife Magazine. 

Each year, brands are chosen for the prestigious award based on their “industry excellence, overall performance, client experience, and innovation,” according to the press release covering the award.

Bluebird is among the select group of CBD brands that uses organically grown hemp and regenerative agriculture products, and all of their full-spectrum oils are vegan and US Hemp Authority certified.

To learn more about the brand, we invite you to peruse our latest review.