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Welcome to our CBDistillery CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture review!

Both available concentrations of this tincture contain a 1:3 ratio of CBN to CBD, which fits with the almost industry-wide push to seriously up the supporting (non-CBD) concentration game.

As part of our comprehensive review of this product, we took into account value, packaging, ingredient cleanliness and lab reports, and more.

Overall, this is one of the best products we’ve reviewed in the “CBD for sleep” space for its effectiveness, value, and more. 

Before we break down our review process, a quick introduction to CBDistillery.

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CBDistillery CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture


600mg (150mg CBN, 450mg CBD)

1200mg (300mg CBN, 900mg CBD)


Full-spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts), fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural terpenes.

CBDistillery CBN Tincture Review: Table of Contents

  1. About CBDistillery
  2. Concentration
  3. Value
  4. Packaging
  5. Ingredients
  6. Flavor and Texture
  7. Effectiveness
  8. Pros & Cons
  9. Conclusion

About CBDistillery

Established in 2016 as a subsidiary of Balanced Health Botanicals, CBDistillery is widely considered one of the forefathers of the industry for several reasons.

Few brands have rallied harder against the rampant misinformation that still affects the CBD industry today, as one of the first orders of business for CBDistillery was to launch their Gimmick-Free CBD campaign that entailed renting multiple billboards in Times Square.

They also created #CBDMOVEMENT, and their Ultimate CBD User Guide has surpassed 40,000 downloads.

All the while, the brand has been amassing a large catalog of third-party-tested, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils, topicals, capsules, and more.

CBDistillery offers some of the best and most well-rounded products in the industry, bringing practical formulations (like this CBN oil) and clean ingredients to the forefront. 


This CBDistillery CBN tincture comes in two concentrations:

  • Standard: 600mg(150mg CBN/450mg CBD)
  • Extra Strength, 1200mg(300mg CBN/900mg CBD)

Here is the detailed cannabinoid breakdown according to the certificate of analysis (COA) for our 600mg/30mL product, expressed in per-mL (one serving) values:

  • CBD: 17.179mg
  • CBN: 5.961mg
  • Delta-9 THC: 0.837mg
  • CBC: 0.814mg
  • CBG: 0.329mg

Though we would like to see maybe one more step up from the 1200mg (~2000mg), both for economy and convenience, we have to call out the excellent non-CBD cannabinoid concentration.

We typically award praise for brands that achieve a 1:10 ratio of total supporting cannabinoids to CBD.

Considering this is a 1:3 ratio not including the other supporting cannabinoids, this is an excellent opportunity for the synergistic action of cannabinoids (a.k.a the entourage effect) to take hold.


Here are the prices for the two available concentrations of this tincture:

  • Standard 600mg: $60 ($0.10/mg)
  • Extra Strength 1200mg: $100 ($0.08/mg)

We consider both of these to be moderately priced, considering top-tier brands typically range from $0.04-$0.14/mg.

Factoring in CBDistillery’s reputation, product quality, and this cannabinoid-rich formulation, these price points are definitely reasonable. 

If you want better value, feel free to use our CBDistillery coupon code.


The darkly tinted container housing this oil comes in an exterior box, and between the two, we were pleased to find more than basic product information.

In addition to this information (flavor, concentration, ingredients, etc.), the box contained an illuminating blurb entitled “What Is CBN?”, another blurb about the endocannabinoid system, usage directions, a graphic to help with dosage, and a QR code for lab reports. 

The tincture bottle contained all this information minus the blurbs.

The non-demarcated dropper worked perfectly throughout our use of the product, and all other packaging held up as well. 

All considered, it’s a full score for packaging.


Here is the ingredient list for this CBDistillery CBN tincture:

Full-spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts), fractionated coconut oil (MCT), and natural terpenes.

In the way of artificial flavors, fillers, preservatives, and/or added sugar, there are none. 

As we’ve stated before, we don’t necessarily harp on brands for not using non-cannabinoid botanical extracts (turmeric, ashwagandha, etc.), so long as the cannabinoid presence is strong.

Since that’s definitely the case here, we consider this a highly clean and effective ingredient list.

Flavor and Texture

This naturally flavored CBD oil was buttery (MCT oil) and bitter, just as we expected.

If you’ve tasted hemp before, there isn’t much else to say; this tastes like hemp and nothing more.

We won’t take a position on something as subjective as the hemp flavor itself, as that’s a strong dividing line, but for those who do like it, this oil is a great representation.

Point being, there are no weird flavorings or textures throwing this oil off the natural hemp flavor. 


This tincture was definitely among the more effective we’ve tried for sleep and relaxation. 

One experiment we like to do when testing sleep formulations is, after settling in on an effective late-evening dose, taking it earlier in the day (around 1 PM) as well to see if we can still be productive and not feel sluggish.

While our minds were still intent on completing work tasks, we were able to calmly go about them without feeling like we were fighting the urge to sleep.

Then, when intent shifted to relaxation, it was easier to do so.

As for the evening dose, we noticed a marked reduction in time-to-sleep without additional grogginess upon waking.

Overall, this tincture outperformed our expectations, delivering on its promises with the added benefit of daytime utility.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • High supporting cannabinoid concentration
  • Effective at promoting sleep and relaxation
  • Clean ingredients list and lab results

And now for the cons:

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CBDistillery CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture


600mg (150mg CBN, 450mg CBD)

1200mg (300mg CBN, 900mg CBD)


Full-spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts), fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural terpenes.


Other than the one available flavoring, it’s very difficult to find a serious critique of this CBDistillery CBN sleep tincture.

Considering its effectiveness, natural formulation, and high testing protocols, it’s a solid product that accurately represents the brand producing it.

We recommend this tincture to anyone looking to relax with a safe and natural product.

If you’re looking for a discount, then check out our latest CBDistillery coupon.