Medterra CBD Oil Review [2021]

Welcome to our Medterra CBD Oil Review!

Having tried and loved the highly potent 50mg Daily Buzz CBD gummies from Five, we were very interested to hear that Medterra True Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures now feature the same 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor cannabinoids.

Medterra has already set the bar high for themselves—we’re here to see if their CBD oil tinctures keep to these standards of quality and potency.

In order to do that, we spent a few weeks sampling their Full Spectrum CBD + THC tinctures in two concentrations (1500mg and 3000mg) and flavors (chocolate mint and citrus). 

The consensus among our team was that these tinctures more than stood their ground against the gummies for various reasons.

Before getting into the meat of the review, a quick look at the specs.

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Medterra Full-Spectrum CBD + THC Tincture


  • 750mg (15mg/serving)
  • 1500mg (50mg/serving)
  • 3000mg (100mg/serving)


  • 750mg: $49.99 ($0.07/mg)
  • 1500mg: $99.99 ($0.07/mg)
  • 3000mg: $169.99 ($0.06/mg)


For all flavors and concentrations:

Full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, Natural Terpenes) organic MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides), natural flavors, stevia extract.

Medterra CBD Oil Review: Table of Contents

  1. Quality
  2. Value
  3. Packaging
  4. Ingredients
  5. Flavor and Texture
  6. Effectiveness
  7. Pros and Cons
  8. Conclusion


In just about every dimension of overall quality, including hemp sourcing, research involvement, clean and effective formulations, testing standards, certifications, and more, Medterra makes it very hard to find any gaps.

The brand has always believed in the synergistic power of cannabinoids and non-cannabinoid botanicals, which is why their (full-spectrum) products like the tinctures we sampled contain ample amounts of THC, CBC, terpenes, vitamins, and more.

All of Medterra’s hemp comes from a farm in Kentucky that is registered with the State’s Department of Agriculture.

The hemp is grown completely organically, and endures rigorous testing both during and after cultivation for heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants.

After harvesting, Medterra uses CO2—the CBD industry gold standard—to extract the CBD oil from the plant.

The brand holds several certifications and memberships, some of which have high barriers to entry, including US Hemp Authority Certification, non-GMO and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and their membership on the Executive Committee Board of the US Hemp Roundtable.

Like we said, product quality, testing standards, and brand authority are airtight. 


As mentioned, our tinctures came in two concentrations: 1500mg (50mg/mL) and 3000mg (100mg/mL).

Medterra also offers a smaller size (750mg) in both citrus and chocolate mint.

Here is the cannabinoid density of the 3000mg CBD + THC Full-Spectrum tincture we tried, courtesy of the certificate of analysis (COA):

  • Delta-9 THC: 0.178% by dry weight (2mg/serving reported on label)
  • CBD: 106.12mg/mL (3,183.6mg total)
  • CBG: 11.51mg/mL
  • CBN: 2.07mg/mL
  • CBC: 3.63mg/mL
  • CBDV: 0.522mg/mL

As promised, the CBD content was right around five times the (total) minor cannabinoid content, which is a far stronger supporting cannabinoid content than the vast majority of products we’ve sampled.

Moreover, the fact that you’re still getting 100mg of CBD with each full dropper makes this product even more potent and convenient. 

Overall, this COA delivered everything we wanted to see: high CBD potency, very high supporting cannabinoid content, legally compliant THC content, and no flags for pesticides, contaminants, etc. 


For an average brand, the following price points would be moderately competitive, but for a brand with such high potency and supporting cannabinoid content, Medterra is bringing some serious value to the market.

The 3000mg version of the True Full Spectrum tinctures we sampled retails for $169.99 ($0.06/mg), and the 1500mg retails for $99.99 ($0.07/mg).

There’s not much else to say—anything under $0.10/mg for this level of quality is a serious value. 


Each tincture came in a box, on which customers can learn about the 5:1 True Full Spectrum product line, third-party testing, and THC content, in addition to the standard info (ingredients, concentration, etc.)

As usual, Medterra makes it easy for customers to get to the “meat” without having to dig; THC concentration is on the front panel and a QR code for lab results is on the back. 

The label on the matte white bottle also reports THC content, along with supplement facts, warnings, and suggested use info, but no QR code.

The dropper lid sealed properly every time, and the dropper extracted enough oil with one squeeze every time. 

Overall, high marks for packaging—we just like to see a QR code on the bottle as well so that customers don’t have to hoard the box(es). 


For both flavors and concentrations we tried, the ingredients list read as follows:

Full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, natural terpenes), organic MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides), natural flavors, stevia extract.

Here is an example of a simple ingredients list that lets the hemp extract do the talking.

We normally dock points for oils that just contain carrier oil and flavoring outside of the hemp extract, but considering the breadth and potency of this particular full-spectrum extract, it makes perfect sense.

As mentioned, many of Medterra’s other products feature supporting botanicals and nutrients.

Moreover, everything is natural, and the only sweetener is plant-based, so full marks here.

Flavor and Texture

Though we liked the citrus flavor more than the mint chocolate, it wasn’t for any major issue with the mint chocolate—just a subjective thing.

The citrus flavor was zesty and effortlessly sweet, and the natural bitterness of the citrus played perfectly with the underlying hemp flavor.

The mint chocolate was more chocolate than mint in our opinion, which still helped to cover up the bitterness. 

Both oils were fairly standard in their viscosity and texture, so no issues there. 


This is where Medterra CBD oil really shines. 

Our hopes that they would be as effective as Five Daily Buzz gummies were confirmed in a number of ways.

First, these tinctures helped with various forms of discomfort, including post-workout discomfort, postural issues, and old, nagging issues affecting various parts of the body.

In addition to the THC and CBD, we attribute this extra boost in effectiveness to cannabichromene (CBC), an often undersold cannabinoid that has proven its worth as a potential solution for discomfort.

The synergistic action of CBC, THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids could actually be felt, boosting this tincture to the upper tier of effectiveness for discomfort relief.

CBD itself has been widely lauded as a stress reliever, as in this New York University School of Medicine study.

No one is immune to a healthy level of situational stress, but those of us who experience it more frequently and intensely noticed a potent calming effect that lasted at least half the day after taking at least 50mg of these tinctures.

Even with above-average THC content, we’re pleased to report that this benefit was delivered without any blowback in the form of drowsiness or a “high” feeling.

Overall, these tinctures were as effective as we had hoped they would be—the bottles will surely not join our army of half-consumed samples. 

Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Strong supporting cannabinoid and THC content
  • Clean ingredients list and excellent lab testing results
  • Highly affordable
  • Highly effective

And now for the cons:

  • Higher than normal THC content

Obviously, if you’ve no reason to steer clear of THC and/or full-spectrum hemp, then there’s no issue, but those of us who are regularly drug tested may want to seek out an alternative.

Check Price

Medterra Full-Spectrum CBD + THC Tincture


  • 750mg (15mg/serving)
  • 500mg (50mg/serving)
  • 3000mg (100mg/serving)


  • 750mg: $49.99 ($0.07/mg)
  • 1500mg: $99.99 ($0.07/mg)
  • 3000mg: $169.99 ($0.06/mg)


For all flavors and concentrations:

Full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, Natural Terpenes) organic MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides), natural flavors, stevia extract.


As expected, this is the type of tincture that can be used as a model for the rest of the industry; everything we tested indicated a high level of quality and transparency.

If you’re looking for a full-spectrum CBD + THC tincture that doesn’t dilute supporting cannabinoid content by dumping CBD isolate in, we highly recommend the True Full Spectrum line from Medterra.

They’re strong, effective, safe, and affordable.