CBD News Roundup: West Virginia University Recruiting for CBD Trial

Here’s the latest CBD News:

  • Researchers at West Virginia University will conduct a trial to assess CBD’s effects on driving ability. 
  • CBD Company HempFusion Agrees to Acquire Sagely Naturals.
  • The list of states banning delta-8 THC continues to grow.

Table of Contents

  1. West Virginia University Recruiting for CBD Trial
  2. HempFusion Purchases Sagely Naturals for $25 Million
  3. Delta-8 THC Ban Gains Ground In the Midwest and Northeast

West Virginia University Recruiting for CBD Trial 

A 40-participant trial designed by West Virginia University to assess the impact of CBD oil consumption on driving ability is currently in the vetting and recruiting process.

Participants will be evenly divided between experimental (will receive 300mg of CBD) and placebo groups before participating in a driving simulation.

In addition to assessing and comparing performance dimensions directly related to driving ability, the WVU researchers will also examine “changes in psychological status (i.e. mood, drowsiness, sedation) and cognitive function.”

In order to provide this data, participants will also be asked to take several non-driving-related assessments, such as the Visual Analog Mood Scale, Digital Symbol Substitution Test, and others. 

According to the clinicaltrial.gov page for this trial, the implementers estimate it will be completed by March of 2022.

HempFusion Purchases Sagely Naturals for $25 Million

CBD-focused health and wellness company HempFusion Wellness Inc. announced this Tuesday that they had officially agreed to acquire Sagely Naturals, a well-established CBD retailer with an expansive distribution network.

The $25 million deal, per the language, will see HempFusion “merge into Sagely Naturals with Sagely Naturals surviving as a wholly-owned subsidiary of HempFusion.”

Since well before this deal materialized, Sagely Naturals had been leading the CBD topical category with their Extra Strength Relief & Recovery Cream and several other topical products.

The acquisition will allow HempFusion access to the more than 14,000 retailers that Sagely Naturals works with, while strengthening the Sagely Naturals name with their formulations and other resources.

Delta-8 THC Ban Gains Ground in the Midwest and Northeast

Both the cannabinoid itself and the nature by which it is formed seem to be at the heart of the argument against delta-8 THC, which was even banned by Colorado, one of several states to take this position in recent months.

According to a recent clarification by the Colorado Department of Public Health, “chemically modifying or converting any naturally occurring cannabinoids from industrial hemp is non-compliant with the statutory definition of ‘industrial hemp product.’”

Since delta-8 THC is usually a synthetically derived “isomer” of THC (same chemical formula, rearranged atoms), it will likely continue to clash against this fairly straightforward interpretation of the industrial hemp definition until clearer regulations are established on the federal level.

Though purportedly milder than delta-9 THC, delta-8 is still psychoactive, synthetically derived or not.

New York, Oregon, Utah, and Washington have also banned delta-8, and several other states are considering it.