CBDistillery Needs 1,000 People for New Studies with Releaf App (And You Can Be a Part of It)

CBDistillery and Releaf App have partnered to study the usage and efficacy of CBDistillery’s CBD, CBN, and CBD products.

The duo will be conducting eight private studies in 2021 called “Pathfinder Missions” with everyday consumers.

Beginning today, two studies are open for enrollment, each for up to 500 individuals: the Stress Pathfinder Mission and the Sleep Pathfinder Mission.

Those who qualify will receive free CBDistillery products relevant to their particular study.

Participants in the Stress Pathfinder Mission will receive a 1000mg Isolate CBD Oil and a 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.

For those in the Sleep Pathfinder Mission, they will receive one Extra Strength CBN + CBD (300mg CBN + 900mg CBD) tincture.

During the study, participants will use Releaf App to answer questions every day for 30-60 days about their usage of the products, including “dosage and overall experience.”

Those who complete at least 90% of the study will also receive an exclusive offer from CBDistillery.

A Trusted Brand of The CBD Insider, CBDistillery has been at the forefront of multiple groundbreaking moments in the CBD industry, including being possibly the first brand to offer online third-party lab results directly available to consumers.

CBDistillery was founded in 2016 by parent company Balanced Health Botanicals.

“At Balanced Health Botanicals, we’re invested in bringing efficacy to hemp-derived wellness products through dynamic research-based partnerships. By doing so, we empower industry stakeholders with validated and objective data on CBD, CBG, and CBN products which, in turn, helps the brand earn trust and loyalty among consumers in a very competitive industry”, says Tony Schwartz, Director of Affiliate and Strategic Partnerships at Balanced Health Botanicals in a statement. “We are excited about joining forces with the Releaf App team because they have uniquely established themselves as a streamlined research service provider with exceptional customer service. The opportunity to work with Releaf App as a technology and data provider to identify groundbreaking insights is exciting for everyone at the table.”

Releaf App was originally created by founder Franco Brockelman to help his mother track her usage of medical cannabis.

The app is owned by MoreBetter and is the highest-rated app for cannabis and CBD consumers to track their use and perceived effectiveness of products from particular brands.

According to the press release, “MoreBetter uses information collected in Releaf App to provide data-backed insights on seed-to-outcome trends that inform industry best practices and improve the consumer experience.”

Data from Releaf App has been cited in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals, and MoreBetter also claims to uses the data it collects to benefit government organizations.

“CBD brands often struggle to collect real-time, data-backed product insights from their customers. We are excited to help Balanced Health Botanicals collect meaningful data in pursuit of their commitment to advance customer education and improve product innovation,” said Keenan Keeling, CEO of MoreBetter Ltd, the company behind Releaf App in the same statement.

For those interested, please click here to sign up and determine your eligibility for the two available studies.

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