Stock Up On CBD Products With This 30% Discount

Back in February, CBDistillery offered CBD Insider readers 25% off orders of $125 or more. This time, they’ve upped the ante and are offering 30% off orders over $250. The deal also comes with free shipping for the rest of May. Use the coupon code MAY30 to claim your offer.

CBDistillery is one of our Trusted Brands and a leader in the hemp and CBD industries.

They provide third-party lab-tested, US Hemp Authority-certified products made from non-GMO, US-grown hemp.

Choose Your Bundle

  1. Bundle #1: Big Relief
  2. Bundle #2: The “Try It All” Pack
  3. Bundle #3: The Total Recovery Pack

Why CBDistillery?

CBDistillery is one of the premier CBD companies in the industry.

They grow non-GMO hemp with natural farming practices, providing safe, high-quality hemp oil.

CBDistillery backs up their claims, too. 

The company recently achieved self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status for its full-spectrum and CBD isolate products. This means CBDistillery’s products are safe per FDA standards for food ingredients.

CBDistillery was awarded the US Hemp Authority certification in March 2019. This honor is given to companies who pass a stringent third-party audit to indicate their commitment to manufacturing best practices.

Beyond the company’s evident dedication to producing hemp products the right way, CBDistillery is also committed to providing the most affordable prices, often charging significantly less than most of its competitors. They’ve added to this savings with the current 30% off promo, giving users added incentive to stock up on CBD products during anxious times.

CBDistillery has a vast product selection to choose from, spanning multiple categories, including tinctures, capsules, gummies, topicals, vapes, and more.

CBDistillery Product Bundles For $250+

To help you stock up, we’ve gone ahead and thrown together a few potential bundles you can grab to get you past that $250 threshold and take advantage of the 30% off discount.

To be clear, you can get any combination of products you want that amount to over $250 and still get the discount.

We just want to make life a little easier for you.

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#1 Big Relief

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Bundle #1: Big Relief

Bundle Price

$280 ($196 with MAY30)

What is this bundle best for?

Discomfort, mood, relaxation, and sleep


If you’re looking for relief in a big way, this is the bundle for you.

For the experienced CBD user, if you want some extra-strength CBD for daily relief, then look no further than CBDistillery’s 5,000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture. CBDistillery’s tincture packs 167.7mg of CBD per serving, perfect for almost any purpose.

Add in the CBDol Relief Stick for targeted relief through 500mg of CBD (high for a topical) and menthol. This gives a cooling and soothing sensation for your achy muscles and joints.

Bundle #2: Try It All

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Bundle #2: Try It All


$303 ($212.10 with MAY30)


Just about anything!


If you’re looking to truly dive into all that CBD has to offer, here’s your chance to try it in nearly every form. 

In this bundle, you’ll get not only CBDistillery’s 1,000mg full-spectrum CBD oil tincture, but also both versions of their gummies, e-liquid for vaping, CBDelicious CBD powder to try in your drinks and food, and a CBDol Relief Stick for spot treatments.

Starting with the 1,000mg tincture, it’s the same CBD oil as the 5,000mg version in the first bundle, just a lower potency. 

As for the CBD isolate gummies, the standard gummies may provide a little energy boost, improve your focus, and lift your mood. The nighttime gummies contain 1.5mg of melatonin per gummy, which helps promote relaxation and improved sleep quality. 

Each bottle of gummies contains 25 gummies with 30mg of CBD isolate each. The gummies come in a variety of flavors, including raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.

The Broad Spectrum E-Liquid provides the quickest results since vaping is the most direct method for ingesting CBD oil and provides fast-acting relief. You can choose from several flavors as well, including strawberry lemonade, mint, grape, and mango. 

CBDefine skincare cream combines the power of CBD with other essential oils and natural ingredients to give you an unparalleled skin cream. You’ll feel the soothing relief of CBD while natural oils treat your skin and keep you feeling fresh and vibrant. 

The High Purity CBDelicious CBD Powder lets you drop your CBD relief into your favorite daily smoothie, juice, or any other beverage or food you’d like.

Bundle #3: Total Recovery

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Bundle #3: Total Recovery

Bundle Price

$270 ($189 with MAY30)


Recovery (discomfort and sleep)


CBD is well-recognized in the athletic world for its use as a recovery supplement. No one needs recovery more than MMA fighters like Anthony and Sergio Pettis. That’s why they’ve teamed up with CBDistillery for the Pettis Fight Pack. 

The items in this bundle complement each other well to help give you full body and mind coverage. And that makes sense because, according to CBDistillery, 62% of people who use multiple CBD products daily find it more effective than using one product alone.

The 1,000mg tincture supplies a high potency option to alleviate soreness throughout your whole body. The relief stick goes a step further and provides targeted relief to specific areas that require extra attention.

Then, top off your recovery regimen with the nighttime gummies to promote better sleep, a crucial aspect in improving athletic performance and boosting recovery.

The warming/cooling cream pack can enhance recovery after a tough workout at the gym or a long day of travel. Whether you prefer heat or cooling, or a mixture of the two, you’ll have both at your disposal. Menthol provides cooling relief while camphor delivers the warming sensation. 

And that’s not a typo with the powder—CBG is the mother cannabinoid from which CBD is derived. You can add this powder to a smoothie and drink mix as part of your recovery regimen. You can even add it to creams and lotions, too.  

Lastly, if your workout buddy happens to be a four-legged friend, take care of your pup too!

CBD is safe for dogs and gives them similar relief to humans. This bundle comes with a second bottle of 1,000mg tincture for you, which, let’s face it, you’ll be happy you have down the line.

The time to stock up on CBD products is now, so take advantage of this exclusive offer from CBDistillery before it’s too late. Use one of our pre-made bundles above or have fun creating your own. The choices are yours!