Best Running Socks: Top 7 Options Revealed


Our #1 Pick for the Lightest Pair of Running Socks

Drymax Run Hyper Thin

Why we like it:

  1. Made of 73% olefin,11% polyester,11% nylon,5% elastane materials.
  2. Super thin running sock.
  3. Highly-rated by many users.


7 Best Running Socks 2017

Item Best Features User Feedback Price to Expect Our Rate
Balega Hidden Comfort Perfect for sweaty feet; designed with elastane to keep socks in place; ideal for colder weather + creates optimum airflow for feet to breathe Very Good Moderate 4.7 / 5
Nike Elite No-Show Tab Features plush cushioning & available in an assortment of bright colors; no-show cut socks absorb moisture well + contains anti-blister material Very Good Moderate 4.6 / 5
Nike Dri-Fit Cotton Lightweight Contains cushioning for ultimate comfort; soft material absorbs unwanted moisture; affordable & basic design Good Moderate 3.9 / 5
Feetures! Features anatomically correct foot design; seamless toes + extra heel cushioning & arch support; contains ventilating panels to absorb moisture Very Good Moderate 4.6 / 5
Puma Runner Socks Lightweight running socks perfect for warmer weather; thin & soft material aids in odor control & blister prevention; available in wide variety of colors Very Good Low 4.4 / 5
Drymax Run Hyper Thin Lightweight comfortable socks contain breathable mesh material for air flow; absorbent & breathable material; minimalistic design Outstanding Moderate 4.8 / 5
Smartwool Phd Running Light Sock Perfect for runners who enjoy going off beaten tracks; materials used help regulate feet temperature & keeps feet dry when temperature rise; controls odors Very Good High 4.6 / 5

1. Balega Hidden Comfort

These socks are perfect if you tend to have really sweaty feet when running. These socks fit perfectly, as they are designed with a special elastane so the socks won’t move out of place. These running socks are perfect for the colder weather and create the optimum airflow so feet can still breathe. They are highly durable, have a lifetime guarantee, and they are reasonably priced. However, these running socks are not suitable for trail running.

2. Nike Elite No-Show Tab

These Nike running socks have a plush cushioning, which gives you a little bounce with each step. They are available in a variety of bright colors and have a no-show cut. The running socks absorb moisture well and contain anti-blister material. A seamless cushion can be found underneath for comfort, plus it has a reflective swoosh on the heel for visibility. These running socks are reasonably priced; however, it isn’t the cheapest compared to other running socks in the market.

3. Nike Dri-Fit Cotton Lightweight

The Nike Dri-Fit running socks are one of the best options on the market. These socks contain cushioning in the right places for the ultimate feet comfort. The soft material not only provides comfort but also absorbs unwanted moisture. Considering the brand, these running socks are quite affordable but come in a generic only.

4. Feetures!

This cleverly-branded pair of socks is the ideal pair of running socks. The socks have an anatomically correct foot design, has seamless toes, extra heel cushioning and arch support for comfort. Plus, the socks contain ventilating panels, which help with the absorption of moisture. These socks are affordable, but finding the right sizes will be a tough task.

5. Puma Runner Socks

These lightweight Puma running socks are perfect for warmer weather. Due to the sock material being thin and soft, it assists in odor control and prevention of blisters. These socks are available in a variety of cute colors and are highly affordable. However, due to the thin material, it may not last as long as thicker running socks.

6. Drymax Run Hyper Thin

These lightweight socks will make you feel as if you are running barefoot. They provide the best comfort and contain a breathable mesh material to allow for air flow so that your feet don’t sweat too much. You are also less likely to get blisters due to the absorbent and breathable material. It has a pleasing minimalistic design and serves its purpose perfectly. These running socks are a bit more pricey than the others available in the market, however, if you are a seasoned runner, then the Drymax running socks are definitely a good investment.

7. Smartwool Phd Running Light Sock

The Smartwool is perfect for the runner who enjoys going off the beaten track. The materials used in the running socks help regulate your feet’s temperature while running, keeping your feet dry when temperature rise. It also controls odors, which any outdoor runner will appreciate. These socks are definitely durable and contain extra wool at the toes and heels. Price wise these running socks cost slightly more but are worth every penny.

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Running Socks Buying Guide

If you’re an avid runner and especially if you’ve experienced foot problems while running, you need to choose a good quality pair of running socks.  Socks may all seem the same but there are certain features that set each of them apart and make some of them best for certain functions.

Here’s your guide 

What are the different designs available?

There are different styles to choose from among running socks.  Traditional socks cover the ankles completely including part of the leg and provide more protection.  Outdoor runners usually prefer this type as it’s less likely for the sock to bunch into the shoe.  Anklets can be low-cut, which are low enough not to be seen conspicuously over the shoe but cover the ankle sufficiently or no-show, which are lower than the shoe edge and may feel less bulky, while looking more stylish.  A more specialized style is the compression sock, which provides maximum support, plus warmth for increased blood flow.

What type of material is best?

Natural fibers like cotton are often preferred when it comes to clothing material since they’re light and cool.  However, when it comes to socks, cotton is not as durable and does not dry easily.  Moisture and friction in the feet while running result to uncomfortably hot areas in the feet and blisters as well.  For the best running socks material, opt for synthetic fibers or a mix of natural and synthetic.  Polyester is a top choice among synthetic fibers because of its ability to dry out more easily.  To make polyester last longer, some socks also combine it with nylon or lycra

What other features are best?

One of the most common problems from poor quality socks is painful blisters, but you can avoid this when you choose a sock without any seams.  Some socks are also composed of a double layer of material.  This is to prevent friction, which results in blisters.  For those prone to sweaty feet, antimicrobial technology is a must to keep your feet from accumulating moisture and bacteria which causes odors.  Some socks also utilize a special design meant for those with specific foot problems like high arches or flat feet.  Padding is another useful feature since it can lessen the impact on your heels and soles.

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