Good Food Is The Best Beauty Treatment


Of course one must eat to live, and to be beautiful one must eat well, though eating well is not necessarily eating a lot. Overeating is a vice, and like all vices, leaves its mark on the unfortunate people who indulge in it.

The mark is easily seen even at first, and later on develops into all sorts of horrid forms, fat, wrinkles, and often gout, or rheumatism, to say nothing of a dozen other ills which may be traced directly or indirectly to the same source, and could easily have been prevented by a little strength of mind and judicious dieting.

Blemishes of the skin, especially of the face, can often distort one’s whole personality. For the adolescent girl and boy, pimples if they are not just a passing symptom can be catastrophic causing permanent damage to the face and other parts of the body.

Here are 9 simple beauty home remedies:

  1. To bleach the hands, apply a mixture of honey and fresh orange juice for half an hour.
  2. For blackheads, apply slices of fresh lemon to the nostrils before retiring.
  3. For soft lips rub the lips with freshly-cut beets 10 minutes before applying lipstick.
  4. For irksome freckles, bleach by smoothing freshly cut tomatoes on the face every morning.
  5. For dry skin, apply a wet compress of warm milk.
  6. For rough skin, smooth the yolk of an egg into the skin.
  7. For wrinkled elbows, rub each elbow with half an orange each day after the bath.
  8. For large pores, apply large slices of tomato. Before makeup, wash the face with buttermilk.
  9. For chapped hands, cover with beaten egg before retiring.


During the ages 12 – 20 glandular activity increases resulting amongst other things, in an over secretion of fat; this makes the skin greasy and the ever present germs multiply in the fat which accumulates in the pores, causing pimples. This condition is known as Acne and few adolescents escape this malady.

Normally Acne lasts a few years and to keep it under control certain hygienic rules should be followed. For example, the skin should be kept as clean as possible, but the most precautionary measure against pimples is following a diet which supplies sufficient vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates.

Increased Intake of Nutrients

Many tests have shown that an increased intake of Vitamin A, the B-complex, Vitamins C and D, causes a marked improvement. Similar tests with calcium have likewise given positive results. During adolescence the need for calcium is greater than at any other period, excepting pregnancy and lactation.

The findings of extensive research emphasize the importance of a balanced diet which makes special provision for increased vitamin and mineral intake. Green and yellow vegetables are excellent sources of Vitamin A, raw vegetables and fruit in the diet provide Vitamin C and wholegrain cereals and liver are rich in the B group. For vitamin D one is strongly dependent on the sun although milk, butter, egg yolk and liver also make a contribution. Milk is the most important food source of calcium and 1½ pints are recommended each day.

Reduced Sugars and Starches

Teenagers are usually very keen on snacks such as sweets, cakes, cool drinks and potato chips. They overload their diet with starch and sugar (carbohydrates) and often have a deficiency of building material (protein) and protective substances (vitamins and minerals) which build the body, keep it healthy and control its functions. Apart from harmful effects, the so popular snacks may also cause pimples because excess starch and sugar are changed into fat by the body which in turn may result in a greasy skin.

Balanced Diet

Another golden rule is not to eat unless you are hungry. In other words, wait until Nature tells you that you need something.

Fat is not always caused by overeating, but often by eating the wrong kind of food, and in this case cutting down the amount eaten will not effect a cure unless you go in for absolute starvation, which may damage the constitution permanently, and do more harm than good in the end.

It is the task of the parents to guide adolescents by encouraging them to have three regular meals a day with mid meals consisting of brown bread, fruit and milk so the needs of their rapidly developing bodies may be met by good eating and also other health habits which will not only promote excellent general health, but result in a beautiful healthy skin.


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Natalia Moore is a skincare expert who specializes in providing young girl facial tips that will enhance your natural beauty.

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